Our Cooperstown Vacation PLUS a DIY Tutorial: Create a Simple Watercolor Image from a Favorite Photo

In April of 2010, I took my husband to Cooperstown for what we call a “Minication”, a short vacation to visit  somewhere close to home. I treated him to this vacation for his birthday. He loves baseball so we traveled to Cooperstown to walk through the Hall of Fame. We had a lovely time at the hall of fame along with walking around the town, visiting a local brewery and apple farm, and eating at some of the local people’s favorite restaurants!

Here are some photos from our trip and a short tutorial of how I turned a photo from this vacation into a simple water colored piece. First, a picture of me in Hank Aaron’s locker, next a picture of my husband and I having dinner at Alex and Ika Restaurant, and finally, a picture of my husband’s favorite part of the trip, Doubleday Field!




and now…

How to turn a color photo into a simple watercolor piece:


Left: This is the photo I started with, brings me right back to a lovely walk around this small town with my man.

First, I printed this photo to the size I wanted on my home printer. Then I cut the photo out, covered the back with graphite using a graphite pencil, and taped (with painters tape so it doesn’t stick when you want to peel it off) the photo to a piece of water color paper.



You then use a regular pencil to outline the lines you would like to transfer, peel the photo off the watercolor paper and trace your pencil lines with a thin black marker.

cooperstown B&W

Use any watercolors you like, I have a cheap set from Michael’s Craft Store, any kind will work, don’t spend and arm and a leg. You can try to recreate exactly but you don’t have to, of course. Just have fun with it! Here is the final product:

cooperstown colored


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