Welcome Home, Creativity

I have been recently reintroduced to the confident, creative part of me that I used to know very well. This part of me moved away for a while; it would come visit or call sometimes to be a part of my life, but was mostly living in a different place. Now, I am thrilled to say that I have invited this part of me back into my world, where it will stay, for good; I couldn’t be happier about it! I plan to learn, practice, and share my creativity with the people around me all of the time!!

I feel that this part of me left because of lack of confidence, distraction, or confusion but I feel that I have had an epiphany! I was one of very few students in my class as a child to test into an advanced creative learning program where I excelled. I was encouraged during this time but my heart wasn’t in it; I am not quite sure why this was and my memory is very faded. I believe it was mostly because I was only 10 years old at this time so I had many interests that I wanted to explore. I am glad I explored the other interests but I wish I invited the creative part of me back into my life sooner than I did.

I have always wanted to please everyone I share anything with; I never felt confident enough to stand alone in a room and defend something I believed in. I wanted to feel approval when I finished something I had been working on; I didn’t think it was “good enough” if I was the only one liked the final product. I still struggle with this but I refuse to let this “good enough” monster keep that creative part of me out of my life. I am choosing now to do my best in creating things that I think are beautiful, share them with others, and take positive feedback as bonuses instead of a needs.

Welcome home creativity!

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