Winter Wednesday Morning with the Sociopathic Ocean


I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday so that I could have the day off today! I slept in to 730, read a few articles on my cozy couch, and watched a little TV. I decided to have breakfast and bundle up for a beach walk. I drove over the bridge onto the island I call “home”. Ocean City, NJ.

This island took a hit from Hurricane Sandy; when I look out at the ocean after a storm like Sandy I can’t help but personify the ocean as a sociopath. One minute it’s heavy waves are plowing through any and everything causing destruction and death; the next minute it is calm and easy like a sociopath walking away from a murder with no remorse or discomfort. So beautiful but so dark and psychotic!

I browsed the waters edge for treasures and breathed in the ocean air, some things never change; this is a very comforting scent and feeling!


Incredible that another living thing built this incredible shell (above) for shelter. The colors are perfect.



Below is a shell called a mermaid’s slipper! I learned the name of this as a child as I always get excited when I find one!


Happy Winter Wednesday!


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