Undergrowth with Two Figures– A Personal Favorite!


Undergrowth with Two Figures
Vincent van Gogh
Painting, Oil on Canvas
Auvers-sur-Oise: June, 1890
Cincinnati Art Museum
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America, North America

I first saw this piece at the Philadelphia Museum of Art! I was in heaven walking through the Van Gogh Exhibit!!

I am fascinated by Van Gogh’s short but AMAZING career! I am so interested in his mental illness and how it affected his art.

I was absolutely drawn to this painting because it reminded me of my husband and me. I think these two figures only have each other in the big world. Their love is strong and these two are okay as long as they have each other. They are surrounded by beautiful flowers but also a lot of darkness. I love this!

Ironically enough, I encouraged by best friend, Deirdre to go see this exhibit as well (as if she wasn’t gonna go anyway, she is more cultured in art than I am) and when she left she started describing her favorite piece to me; it turned out to be the same one!!


Some photos of me and my bestie, Deirdre!! She is so awesome!!


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