The stork is coming…

We are thrilled to announce to the blog world that we are expecting our first baby!! The due date is 6/22/13 so we are 21 weeks pregnant! We have known for a while but tonight we found out that she is a GIRL!!!


She is beautiful and so far everything looks perfect! Thank you so much to friends and family who love and support us!! We are living our dream and couldn’t do it without each of you!!

To reveal the gender, we had our family over for pizza and had 5 balloons stuffed into a taped box (an envelope sealed with gender inside was handed to a woman at the party store (fro me a party) who taped the balloons in the box for us, so my husband and I found out with everyone else. We cut the box open and all screamed after seeing pink balloons!!


We shared pizza (Piccini), opened some small but very special gifts, and ate desserts from our favorite bakery (Chester’s). It was an incredible night that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Here are some pictures from before we opened the box…


the “is-it-a-boy?” table, above


the “is-it-a-girl?” table, above


“Team girl” above…the correct ones!IMG_0287

“team boy” above, the losers! ha ha , Mommy and Daddy were on “team I-don’t-have-a-clue”….

Here is our box before the opening and some favorite photos from afterwards…



Mommy and Daddy, aboveIMG_0366

Mimi and Mo Mo (Aunt Morgan), above

Many more baby posts to come in the future!


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