Dear Mondays,

Monday, Monday, Monday…

I am sorry, but you SUCK!

So, in order not to be miserable for one seventh of my working, adult, life I had to come up a list of things that make you not so bad.

1. A clean start: I can always appreciate a plain white sheet of drawing paper, ready to be made into something beautiful. A freshly cleaned, brand new set of sheets, ready to be slept in. A new book from which no one has read a single syllable. You, Monday, have these same “clean slate” qualities.  I like that about you.

2. Full fridge: I go to the grocery store on Sundays. When I get home, I cut up all the fruit and veggies, cook my soup or salad of the week, and prep anything else I need to prep. I love looking into a fridge full of Tupperware with healthy, delicious choices. As the week goes on, the selection reduces so for this reason, I kind of like you, Monday.

3. Rested: After a few days off, I am the most rested on Mondays.  After I have had some time to myself, I feel most physically ready to conquer the day on Mondays.

Things I tell myself on Monday mornings….

  • I am proud to be working to make money to support myself and my family.
  • I am a good role model for my daughter-to-be by contributing to the world in my own way, as a nurse.
  • I am blessed to send my husband off to work, in his own functioning car, with a full, healthy lunch, and a freshly washed outfit, knowing that he will be at home, waiting for me when I get there.
  • I can do anything for 8 hours and then I will have my personal time with my family.
  • We live on a planet with beauty surrounding us; stop for a minute, take a deep breath, and be happy to be a functioning, happy person on this giant planet, on which we are so small.

Happy Monday

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