Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!


*Thank you, Thatcutesite.com for the photos!


March Morning


On the corner of a blue bench, I sit.
Deep breath in, smell the salt, a gust of wind on my cheeks.
Runners and bikers pass, shaking the boards under my seat.
Two birds fly from behind me and land on a bush in the sand. A few chirp, a few flutters and they fly away.
Another gust of wind; It whips through my jeans.
Two older men come my way and pass me on my bench. I hear seconds of their conversation.
I close my eyes and feel safe.
The sun is warm on my nose and forehead.
Baby moves inside of me.
I think this is what happy feels like.
Another deep breath. I get up and go.

I went for a lovely walk early this morning. I walk by the water for the first part of my walk and on the way back I walk on the boards. I took a few minutes to sit and write this poem on my way back.

Here are some more photos from my peaceful beach walk this morning.






just an “interesting” thing I found…

First, let me start by saying that I hate to admit it, but I spend a tiny portion of some days looking at “celebrity crap” like gossip magazines, E! news on occasion, and instagram. Though I don’t find it necessary, I actually do think it’s important to try and observe all types of people to learn about yourself, celebrities included…

That being said, I was on instagram and found a picture that Kourtney Kardashian posted (below) on which she commented: “my dream life”, to describe the photo….

Picture 18Picture 18

The reason I found this to be so “interesting” was because the woman in this photo seemed to have the same lifestyle as Kourtney Kardashian, from an outsider’s view. The woman in the photo, just like Kourtney, has two seemingly healthy and beautiful children she is toting around in the middle of a sunny day on a very clean street and she is dressed head-to-toe in designer clothing, as are her two children. Apparently Kourtney doesn’t think this looks like her and is dreaming of this lifestyle. It is such a natural thing to do, to want more than you have, no matter how much you have; and this simple post confirms that this is true all the way across the board.

I don’t know if this should be defined as envy, greed, or if it should be considered sinful at all. I think that just because every woman on the planet does this, doesn’t mean it isn’t sinful. I doubt Kourtney felt like she was sinning but posting something like this. I, of course, am not perfect and do this all the time as well. I think I should be sorry after I have a thought like this because I am blessed with so much. It is hard to be stronger than very natural sins like this that are so interwoven into our culture. Even though it is sometimes hard, I try to beat these sinful thoughts anyway.

No matter how I define it, to me this whole idea remains “interesting”…

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of my first post!!

Since 3/27/12, I have learned and experienced so much!!

I have changed jobs, created a tiny human who is still cooking in my belly, rediscovered confidence and happiness in my creativity, learned new recipes, found new music and art, and traveled a little bit.


I am super proud of all my posts; I think that the group of all 50 really defines me as a person, writer, and artist.

I am excited to continue with the blog for another year! Stay tuned!

I hope that by 3/27/14 I am just as happy! A goal of mine is to write at least 100 posts this year!

Thanks to all my readers, especially the followers!

Together we can redefine

my husband and I….

compromise large parts of ourselves to bond our relationship,

are dedicated and devoted to one another,

feel an intense and vibrating force, physically pulling us toward one another, and

trust and respect each other.

my husband and I….

will raise our daughter to be an independent and happy woman,

teach each other new things,

make each other better people, and

are so proud to support any other 2 people who want to have what we have in our marriage.


It seems that some of the people I hear or read about who are against gay marriage are saying that the “definition of marriage is man +women”. Any two people can do and have all the things mentioned above and to me, these things define marriage. We have all changed this country for the better before; we have the power, as a group of many Americans to redefine the meaning of “marriage”.

I proudly support everyone’s right to marry whomever they wish to marry and pray that they live as happily as my husband and I do, until death parts them. love is love is love385946_2646951007002_1052486374_32706796_1218184680_n

Daisy Wreath

I am thrilled to post this photo of my newly completed, handmade, felt daisy wreath!


We are waiting to close the deal on our first home and when we do, this pretty wreath will hang on our front door!

Each little daisy was made out of felt, by yours truly! I am so proud of how this came out.

Here is a closer look:


Daisy’s represent ultimate purity and are so beautiful in their simplicity. It is the perfect flower to see when stepping up to the door of our new home.

The inspiration for this wreath came from a photo I took at the Philadelphia Flower Show in the beginning of the month….


I hope this project inspires all my readers to get into the spirit of springtime!!

Are you interested or committed?

“There is a difference between being committed to your success and being interested in your success. If you are interested, you will do what’s convenient.  If you are committed, you will do whatever it takes – and doing whatever it takes is what you need to succeed in business, no matter who or where you are.” -John Assaraf

This quote was written with business in mind but it applies to all kinds of success.

As I enter into this new, HUGE, chapter in my life of having my first baby, I am trying to move from being interested in my success to being committed to my success. For me, this is in reference to the success of organizing my household finances, my creative world, my healthy body routine, my relationships, my house itself, and my spiritualityPicture 6.

Many of the things I do right now are convenient but I am much happier when I take the time “do what ever it takes”; I want to “do whatever it takes” more often. I believe that your “mindset” has a lot to do with success and that you choose how to feel/think about every situation.

I have been thinking about on which categories I am very committed, and the truth is, I go through phases. Sometimes I feel very passionate about making creativity come first in my life. Other times I focus more on my relationships and my spirituality. I think that commitment phases are part of my personality. I am working on creating a very balanced life for myself; a life that includes a little bit of commitment to every category, all of the time. This is the big picture.

I think it is important to be self aware.

It makes me feel strong to know how I feel and what I think of myself. I like to know who I am so I can work on being better.

Dear Beautiful Couch,

Picture 17

Dear Beautiful Couch,

If I were rich, you and I would be friends!

Red is not my favorite color and I don’t know how you would fit into the rest of my world but if I could afford you I would find a way to “make it work”!

I hope that all of the people who are blessed to have you in their home appreciate your splendor!

Thank you, Anthropologie.

3 things I like today…

1. Pink’s cover of Me and My Bobby McGee: Though she can be a little “too much” for me at times, overall, she is an incredibly talented, authentic, and respectable artist!! This is my favorite thing I have ever seen of hers. (Click the photo to watch the video)

Picture 15

*Thank you momof1in02 for the video

2. Compawssion: This incredible book is made up of portraits of rescue dogs; they look like people who have entire lives behind them! This portion of the post is dedicated to my bestie, Lihz, who devotes so much time and love to her rescued dog, Scamp!


Purchase for $75 and choose to which rescue organization you want most of the proceeds to go.


And this is Scamp… so cute!!

3. This photo of my hubby and I having an awesome time in DisneyWorld: I have been dying to go back to Disney so I was looking through some photos from our last trip…we had a little too much fun!! I love my husband!!


We can’t wait to take our daughter through all the parks, give her a mickey mouse shaped ice cream to get all messy with in the stroller, and dress her up like Tinkerbell! So much magic from one man’s dream!

Blueberry-Lemon Iced Tea

Tired of drinking only water? Try this really tasty drink that is only 1 point for an 8 ounce glass…

This blueberry-lemon iced tea is a favorite of mine, especially for the spring and summer months…



Bring the water to boil in a large pot. Turn burner off and steep the tea bags (with the paper tags torn off) in the pot for 10 minutes. Add juice from 2 of the lemons to the pot along with the agave nectar. Slice the other 2 lemons and add the slices to the pot. Transfer everything to a large glass container or pitcher and add 2 ice cube trays (24 ice cubes) to the container. Chill and enjoy! (I keep the tea bags in there for a few hours and take them out either that evening or the next morning, depending when I prepare the tea)

**This tea provides antioxidants from the blueberries and Acai. The lemons are an excellent digestive agent. Enjoy!!

This recipe makes about 6, eight ounce glasses of iced tea! Weight watchers Points Plus 2012: 1 point for 1 eight ounce glass


This is the tea I like to use.


How perfect is this lemon? Take a sniff of it when you first cut it open and remind yourself how blessed you are to exist on a planet that can produce such beautiful things!

Happy almost-spring Sunday!