Philadelphia Flower Show

I woke up this morning intending on having a normal Sunday consisting of grocery shopping, laundry, preparing food for the week, etc. but after some of the chores were done, around noon, my sister and I decided to go to Philly for the remainder of the day! We were feeling spontaneous! We drove to the train station and took the train into the city to see the Annual Philadelphia Flower Show. The theme this year is the beauty of Great Britain.

We walked around for a few hours then made our way to an Italian Bistro where we shared avocado/crab salad and a caprese flatbread for a late lunch! We finished off our day trip by walking through the Reading Terminal Market where we bought whoppie pies from Flying Monkey Bakery to enjoy for dessert! A lovely girls day in the city!





So neat, looked like frost.


Moss dress.


Glass Bubbles, beautiful.


These flowers were so fuzzy! Like velvet. Favorite!


Alice in Wonderland.


What a fun day of new and inspiring experiences!

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