Cape May Point

Today was a perfect Sunday…

I completed my errands and chores but was also able to take time to share a new experience with my husband.

We decided to take a 30 minute drive down to Cape May Point, the southern-most point of New Jersey, where we hiked a nature trail, checked out the lighthouse, and got a close-up look at a 70-year-old bunker from World War II.

It was a beautiful afternoon!



Observed some pretty white swans! We read about the migratory patterns of some of the birds that make stops in Cape May; some of them travel all the way from southern South America! Incredible!


An up-close look at some of the plants…


The amazing bunker! Tried to put ourselves into the shoes of the soldiers who were serving here, “back in the day.”


Being at the tip of a body of land like this and looking out at the horizon reminds me to be less self-centered and to recognize the “bigness” of the world/nature around me. This is a good thing to remember on a Sunday before a full work week.

I would definitely recommend a visit to see these historic and beautiful landmarks!


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