3 things I like today…

1. Pink’s cover of Me and My Bobby McGee: Though she can be a little “too much” for me at times, overall, she is an incredibly talented, authentic, and respectable artist!! This is my favorite thing I have ever seen of hers. (Click the photo to watch the video)

Picture 15

*Thank you momof1in02 for the video

2. Compawssion: This incredible book is made up of portraits of rescue dogs; they look like people who have entire lives behind them! This portion of the post is dedicated to my bestie, Lihz, who devotes so much time and love to her rescued dog, Scamp!


Purchase for $75 and choose to which rescue organization you want most of the proceeds to go.


And this is Scamp… so cute!!

3. This photo of my hubby and I having an awesome time in DisneyWorld: I have been dying to go back to Disney so I was looking through some photos from our last trip…we had a little too much fun!! I love my husband!!


We can’t wait to take our daughter through all the parks, give her a mickey mouse shaped ice cream to get all messy with in the stroller, and dress her up like Tinkerbell! So much magic from one man’s dream!


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