Are you interested or committed?

“There is a difference between being committed to your success and being interested in your success. If you are interested, you will do what’s convenient.  If you are committed, you will do whatever it takes – and doing whatever it takes is what you need to succeed in business, no matter who or where you are.” -John Assaraf

This quote was written with business in mind but it applies to all kinds of success.

As I enter into this new, HUGE, chapter in my life of having my first baby, I am trying to move from being interested in my success to being committed to my success. For me, this is in reference to the success of organizing my household finances, my creative world, my healthy body routine, my relationships, my house itself, and my spiritualityPicture 6.

Many of the things I do right now are convenient but I am much happier when I take the time “do what ever it takes”; I want to “do whatever it takes” more often. I believe that your “mindset” has a lot to do with success and that you choose how to feel/think about every situation.

I have been thinking about on which categories I am very committed, and the truth is, I go through phases. Sometimes I feel very passionate about making creativity come first in my life. Other times I focus more on my relationships and my spirituality. I think that commitment phases are part of my personality. I am working on creating a very balanced life for myself; a life that includes a little bit of commitment to every category, all of the time. This is the big picture.

I think it is important to be self aware.

It makes me feel strong to know how I feel and what I think of myself. I like to know who I am so I can work on being better.

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