Together we can redefine

my husband and I….

compromise large parts of ourselves to bond our relationship,

are dedicated and devoted to one another,

feel an intense and vibrating force, physically pulling us toward one another, and

trust and respect each other.

my husband and I….

will raise our daughter to be an independent and happy woman,

teach each other new things,

make each other better people, and

are so proud to support any other 2 people who want to have what we have in our marriage.


It seems that some of the people I hear or read about who are against gay marriage are saying that the “definition of marriage is man +women”. Any two people can do and have all the things mentioned above and to me, these things define marriage. We have all changed this country for the better before; we have the power, as a group of many Americans to redefine the meaning of “marriage”.

I proudly support everyone’s right to marry whomever they wish to marry and pray that they live as happily as my husband and I do, until death parts them. love is love is love385946_2646951007002_1052486374_32706796_1218184680_n

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