March Morning


On the corner of a blue bench, I sit.
Deep breath in, smell the salt, a gust of wind on my cheeks.
Runners and bikers pass, shaking the boards under my seat.
Two birds fly from behind me and land on a bush in the sand. A few chirp, a few flutters and they fly away.
Another gust of wind; It whips through my jeans.
Two older men come my way and pass me on my bench. I hear seconds of their conversation.
I close my eyes and feel safe.
The sun is warm on my nose and forehead.
Baby moves inside of me.
I think this is what happy feels like.
Another deep breath. I get up and go.

I went for a lovely walk early this morning. I walk by the water for the first part of my walk and on the way back I walk on the boards. I took a few minutes to sit and write this poem on my way back.

Here are some more photos from my peaceful beach walk this morning.






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