10: Objects from The Container Store

Objects from The Container Store

This post is about 10 objects I want to buy from The Container Store to organize my new home!! I have not bought or tried these items yet, so if you haven’t tried any of these items either, we are in the same boat!!

1. Tea Bag Box: This looks like something that will really help me save some pantry space. I like “switching it up” with tea so I have several different kinds. This little box will be a great way to keep different varieties organized and contained!

2. Expand-a-shelf: This neat product will be perfect for all the different cans I have in my pantry. This will help me see what I have and take advantage of vertical space.

3. Boxes: These little boxes are for CD or DVD cases but they could really fulfill any purpose. They come in all kinds of pretty colors! I am not sure if I will end up purchasing any of these but I like them and am considering using them in my office for cards or stickers. They come with 3 dividers inside. I like the black and white one!

4. Battery Box: This little box would help me see my current supply of batteries and keep them in order. I love this little guy!

5. Photo Box: This really cool box will find a home in my office very soon to house some pictures I just ordered from Shutterfly.com. I will be organizing mine my year but you could do it by event, vacation, or whatever you want!! I can already see this bin on a shelf in my office closet. + Additional *PHOTO TIPS* at the end of the post. 

6. Stacked bin: I am planning on using this under my bathroom and kitchen sink to take advantage of vertical space. They come in 2 sizes to experiment with. They seem sturdy! I am going to put putty or Velcro on the bottom of the legs so it doesn’t slide around once it is in place.

7. Drawer Dividers: These dividers will be perfect from my utensil drawer! They adjust to fit any depth.

8. Cabinet Shelves: I can imagine myself using these in my kitchen to keep my plates organized. I hate piling plates of different sizes on top of one another. These are pretty darn inexpensive too.

9. File Folders: I have been reading that these are THE BEST! I think I will be giving these a chance!

10. File Tote with handle: And this tote is where the pretty little file folders will live. I like the little compartments in the lid (I would put leftover labels in there).

*I write the year and sometimes details about the photo on the back in case these photos are found millions of years down the line. I want them to know the year they were taken and a little about each photo! This is time consuming but I want to do this for my daughter; it is important to me!

**Also, I have all the photos saved on a USB drive (which I will put in my safe) in case something happens to the printed photos.

Once I purchase some of these items and put them to use I will try to post photos! If you have used any of these items, please comment or share your photos!!

Happy Organizing!


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