Happy Mother’s Day


To the Mom’s who always put their children before themselves…

To the Mom’s who are cheerleaders for their children and who encourage their little ideas…

To the Mom’s who celebrate their children’s biggest accomplishments with them and make them feel confident & proud…

To the Mom’s who exhaust themselves to do favors for their children which they didn’t ask for but that move mountains…

To the Mom’s who just sit on the phone and listen when their children cry/complain for 20 minutes straight…

To the Mom’s whose children respect and love them so much that they would be satisfied raising their own children even half as well as they were raised…

And to all the other moms, besides mine, who mean so much to their children….

Happy Mother’s Day!

And a very happy first mother-to-be day to me! I am already obsessed with my little girl; I can’t wait to be the best Mom in the world!



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