Our Birthday!

My husband and I have the same birthday, August 15th; we love to celebrate together! We did a few fun things this year as I turned 24 and Frank turned 36.

We woke up on our birthday morning and decided to go to Leaming’s Run Gardens in Cape May Court House. We walked through their carefully designed gardens that have been maintained for years by the Aprill Family. Thomas Leaming’s house, built in 1706 still stands at the edge of the path through the gardens. Our favorite spots were the gazebo, the bamboo forest, and the little waterfall! It was beautiful!!

IMG_1087 IMG_1076 IMG_1060 IMG_1084 IMG_1079

After Leaming’s Run we fed the baby and then made our way over to the Cape May County Zoo. We walked through for about an hour; the weather was absolutely perfect!! We finally saw the baby snow leopards (we wanted to see them the last few times we visited but they were never out), a beautiful fox, kissing lemurs, and Frank’s favorite, the Lion!

IMG_1117 IMG_1129 IMG_1121 IMG_1107I went to dinner with my family at the Maplewood 3 in Vineland where we ate an Italian meal and finished with an amazing cannoli cake from Christine’s Italian Pastry Shoppe! Yum!

Finally, to celebrate with our friends we hosted a BBQ in our new home!! We had our closest friends over for burgers, hot dogs, and chicken on the grill. I made my signature salads (bulgar salad, pasta salad with crab and zucchini, spaghetti squash salad with basil and feta, spinach salad with watermelon, walnuts, and honey balsamic, and baked sweet potatoes with an avocado/cilantro sauce). I also made a cinnamon sugar cake and a triple chocolate cake for dessert. Luciana wore her special dress!
IMG_1553IMG_1514IMG_1521 IMG_1539 IMG_1515

We are so blessed to have our families, friends, and especially each other in our lives!!

Thanks to all who celebrated with us!!


Lunch Date with Katie

One of my best friends from college came to my new home for a lunch date with Luciana and me. She wore her beautiful smile, as usual!


I prepared a lovely lunch for us that we ate in my backyard under our bright yellow umbrella! We enjoyed a yummy spinach salad with watermelon, feta, and candied walnuts, a white bean spread on a fresh french baguette (and some gluten free crackers for Katie), and some raspberry iced tea! I loved making special treats from scratch for such a special friend!

IMG_1343After our lunch we drove over to my favorite local park for a walk! A few waterlilies were peaking out of the water, of which I snapped a photo, as usual!

IMG_1344 IMG_1347I love teaching my daughter how to maintain the friendships that matter, through example! We love you Katie. Thanks for visiting!

Uncorrupted Love, a poem for my loved ones

This is a poem about what I understand of love. You can take it as deeply or as superficially as you would take any poem but to me, this is real. This is 24 years of perspective and it is dedicated to all of my loved ones:

True love is uncorrupted.

It is mine.

It lives inside of my soul, my mind, and my body. In its strongest moments, it actually hurts. It responds to touch.

It wears different faces. It is empathetic before it is angry. It is very defensive.

It can be erroneously mimicked, it can be abused, and it can be challenged.

It can be lost but it cannot be taken.

It always is but should never be questioned.

True love is the reason I live.


Blueberry Haiku


Tart yet sweet to bite

Simply and beautifully blue

Fresh gift from nature

We must enjoy the very small things in this world to achieve the balance we so desire in our everyday lives. Choosing this pretty bowl to compliment the berries’ color, carefully photographing them on a well lit and natural surface, and writing the fun little poem above helped me to embrace them. I want to teach my daughter to create happiness from nature. I want her life to be rich with art. I want her to take her time, to look at things around her, and to appreciate simplicity.

Luci goes to the beach

Over the last week or so we have managed to get Luciana down to the beach! We met up with friends for Luci’s first beach day in Ocean City. She slept in her tent and breathed in the salt air!

549510_10200338276402983_2035345402_nDSCF1506DSCF1504DSCF1507My husband and I decided a few days later to venture down the street from our house to a sandy inlet in Beesley’s Point. My husband read me an interview from a magazine with Frank Sinatra and we put Luci’s toes in the sand.

IMG_0990IMG_0996I am so proud of this little lobster I made out of ribbon for Luci.


We could only stay for a short time but these memories we are making are priceless!

Thanks for reading. I am so happy to share our little happy moments!

Morgan’s Birthday!

My little sister just turned 21!! My husband, Luci and I got her a fun collection of gifts! We got her cinnamon buns from a super small bakery in my town, Frog Hollow, sunflowers from a local roadside farm, and of course, a bottle of booze, she is 21 after all.

IMG_0968The photo below is from Frog Hollow’s facebook page…Wanted to show how cute this place is! Thank you mystery photographer.



I couldn’t go out to celebrate with her because of Luciana but we did go to breakfast in Cape May as a family. We ate at the Blue Pig Tavern in the beautiful and historic Congress Hall and took a walk afterward through the strip of shops nearby.

IMG_1037IMG_1036We took a family photo before breakfast too…

DSCF1493_2 We had such a nice morning.

My sister is my best friend and confidant! I don’t know what I would do without her! Happy Birthday Morg!


A Morning Boardwalk Stroll

It has been a month since my little Luci was born. Below is her 1 month picture:


We have been healing from the birth and learning about one another; we are ready to venture out into the world again! We have made it to the supermarket, to my parent’s house, and to a few restaurants so far and she is doing great!! We decided to meet our friend on the boardwalk this morning for a walk and to run some errands today.  969103_10151527845475981_1853644265_n

Deirdre met us on the boardwalk and took this pretty picture (above)!

Lucy was snug in her stroller and was wearing a pretty bow that I made for her! So cute!!


We walked and talked until we reached our first destination, Bashful Banana. I have probably blogged about the Bashful Banana before but it is a favorite of mine so I like to promote their business! Today I got the kiddie size banana whip with granola and chocolate chips. It tastes like ice cream but its 100% frozen banana. Delicious.


We then moved on to the Ocean City Coffee Company where Deirdre bought an Iced Coffee and we chatted with a friend who works there. They designed the inside of that store with bags of imported coffee on the walls. They sell loose teas there too which I like (I don’t like coffee).


We sat on a bench, enjoyed our whips and coffee and made our way back to our cars. When we split with Deirdre we moved on to our next stop, Bennie’s Bread. We got the best freshly baked rolls in town and pulled pork to make sandwiches for lunch.


I sliced up a home grown (by my Pop Pop) Jersey tomato and made pulled pork and provolone sandwiches for lunch. It was delicious alongside some local blueberries.


Good people, nature, exercise, and great food are the components of healthy and happy memories for me and my daughter!

If you visit the area check out these small businesses!