Morgan’s Birthday!

My little sister just turned 21!! My husband, Luci and I got her a fun collection of gifts! We got her cinnamon buns from a super small bakery in my town, Frog Hollow, sunflowers from a local roadside farm, and of course, a bottle of booze, she is 21 after all.

IMG_0968The photo below is from Frog Hollow’s facebook page…Wanted to show how cute this place is! Thank you mystery photographer.



I couldn’t go out to celebrate with her because of Luciana but we did go to breakfast in Cape May as a family. We ate at the Blue Pig Tavern in the beautiful and historic Congress Hall and took a walk afterward through the strip of shops nearby.

IMG_1037IMG_1036We took a family photo before breakfast too…

DSCF1493_2 We had such a nice morning.

My sister is my best friend and confidant! I don’t know what I would do without her! Happy Birthday Morg!



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