Sequin Monogram Pumpkin!

Over 700 tiny pins later, my pumpkin is done! I am so excited about how this came out!


In order to complete this project I needed a variety pack of sequins, 3 packs of sequin pins (each pack with 350 pins), a pen, and of course, a pumpkin!

I started by drawing the letter “D”. “D” is the first letter of my last name! This is our first family pumpkin in our first home. If you don’t want to free hand draw the monogram, choose your favorite font and print the letter off of your computer. Cut it out, tape it on your pumpkin, and trace!

Next, line up the colors in the order you want them to go…


Start by placing one sequin on each pin and placing them within your letter.


You could look at this as time consuming and tedious or very relaxing. The end result is thrilling! These sequins shimmer so beautifully! Too fun! I love it!

A big heart or star would be awesome too!

Happy Creative Halloween!


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