10: Baby Products, so far….(1st 3 months)

Baby Products

So before I was a mom, I asked all my “mom friends”  what their favorite baby items were!

I received many items at my baby shower and I purchased some on my own. My daughter is 3 months old now and so I wanted to share our top 10 baby items…so far.

1. Fisher-Price, My Little Snugabunny Bouncer: This chair sits in our living room and whenever I need to get anything done, there she sits. It bounces with her movements but doesn’t move on it’s own like a swing. Necessity!

2. Prefolded Cloth Diapers as Burp Cloths: We can not live without these. We use them as burp cloths. In our experience they are best for absorption. We need one of these within a 3 foot radius of Luciana at all times.

3. Boogie Wipes: These wipes are unlike any other. They smell awesome and they are created to break down mucus. My daughter had a blocked tear duct for the first month of her life and these were our “go to” to wipe away the mucus. The scent called “fresh” is our favorite.

4. Medela manual breast pump: This pump is convenient and quiet. It is less work to clean when you only need to relieve engorgement. Disregard this one if you don’t plan to breast feed. I didn’t use mine right at first but am so happy I eventually opened and used it.

5. Chicco Keyfit 30: This car seat has been great. We have not had a problems with it. We bring our daughter everywhere we go. Best part is that it fits in to this frame, our number 6 top product…

6. Chicco Keyfit Caddy: This makes errands so easy! I am obsessed. I feel like my daughter is safe in this. We use it ALL the time.

7. Butt Paste: This butt paste is great when there is a little bit of redness. Clears it right up! Have not had a diaper rash yet (knock on wood).

8. Pampers Swaddlers: These are the only diapers we will use! We love them! They have a line on the front that tells you if it is wet or not. I don’t like the “baby dry” just the “swaddlers”. Also, there are always coupons for them, just keep an eye out!

9. Huggies Natural Care Wipes: We prefer the Huggies brand wipes. We have tried several but these are somewhat textured and come apart from each other with ease.

10. Summer Infant Bath: This is not the exact bath we have but its very similar and by the same brand. It has been perfect for us. We give our daughter a bath every night before bed.


In my opinion, don’t bother with these :

Wipes warmer

Rock ‘n play (unless you have a baby with reflux, I hear they are great for refluxing babies but we found ours unnecessary)

My best tip:

My daughter sleeps through the night, every single night. I am talking 8, 9, even 10 hours. I don’t know why but I personally think that it has to do with a few things…1. We always give her a bath at night. I believe it helps her understand the time of day it is. 2. I always nurse her after her bath for comfort even if she recently ate. Just for a few minutes if doesn’t need a full feeding. 3. I lay her in her bed while drowsy. She soothes herself to sleep. 4. I only ever place her in bed when it is bedtime. She does not nap or play in her bed. *You will learn the different cries. When I hear a “pain cry” I don’t hesitate to give gas drops. They help my daughter a lot.

I hope this is helpful! Comments welcome.



10: Objects from The Container Store

Objects from The Container Store

This post is about 10 objects I want to buy from The Container Store to organize my new home!! I have not bought or tried these items yet, so if you haven’t tried any of these items either, we are in the same boat!!

1. Tea Bag Box: This looks like something that will really help me save some pantry space. I like “switching it up” with tea so I have several different kinds. This little box will be a great way to keep different varieties organized and contained!

2. Expand-a-shelf: This neat product will be perfect for all the different cans I have in my pantry. This will help me see what I have and take advantage of vertical space.

3. Boxes: These little boxes are for CD or DVD cases but they could really fulfill any purpose. They come in all kinds of pretty colors! I am not sure if I will end up purchasing any of these but I like them and am considering using them in my office for cards or stickers. They come with 3 dividers inside. I like the black and white one!

4. Battery Box: This little box would help me see my current supply of batteries and keep them in order. I love this little guy!

5. Photo Box: This really cool box will find a home in my office very soon to house some pictures I just ordered from Shutterfly.com. I will be organizing mine my year but you could do it by event, vacation, or whatever you want!! I can already see this bin on a shelf in my office closet. + Additional *PHOTO TIPS* at the end of the post. 

6. Stacked bin: I am planning on using this under my bathroom and kitchen sink to take advantage of vertical space. They come in 2 sizes to experiment with. They seem sturdy! I am going to put putty or Velcro on the bottom of the legs so it doesn’t slide around once it is in place.

7. Drawer Dividers: These dividers will be perfect from my utensil drawer! They adjust to fit any depth.

8. Cabinet Shelves: I can imagine myself using these in my kitchen to keep my plates organized. I hate piling plates of different sizes on top of one another. These are pretty darn inexpensive too.

9. File Folders: I have been reading that these are THE BEST! I think I will be giving these a chance!

10. File Tote with handle: And this tote is where the pretty little file folders will live. I like the little compartments in the lid (I would put leftover labels in there).

*I write the year and sometimes details about the photo on the back in case these photos are found millions of years down the line. I want them to know the year they were taken and a little about each photo! This is time consuming but I want to do this for my daughter; it is important to me!

**Also, I have all the photos saved on a USB drive (which I will put in my safe) in case something happens to the printed photos.

Once I purchase some of these items and put them to use I will try to post photos! If you have used any of these items, please comment or share your photos!!

Happy Organizing!

10: Components of my peaceful morning

Components of my peaceful morning

I worked so hard on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week so today I am enjoying a morning off and tomorrow I will enjoy an entire day off!!

1125bbaa-43a0-4217-93b3-cc63f98768b9wallpaper*Collage by Photovisi.com

  1. Early start: I love to wake up at the quiet hour of 8 am.
  2. Favorite robe: This robe has been through a lot of days with me, it is a very important component to my relaxation at home. It smells like me and my home which is comforting. (the robe I linked is the exact one I have and love)
  3. Big Cozy Blanket: A big, heavy blanket is 100% necessary when I am sitting on the couch for more than 3 minutes doing anything! (My favorite one is so old so I can’t find a link for it)
  4. Favorite hot tea: This vanilla chai tea is my favorite for the cold weather days. During the summer I usually like fruity iced tea but this is the best hot tea I have found! I add a little squirt of agave nectar for a little unprocessed sweetness and organic skim milk to cool it off!
  5. Pandora: This morning it is Ben Rector radio. If you haven’t explored this website you really are missing out!
  6. Library Book, The Art of Racing in the Rain: This is the book, by Garth Stein, that I am enjoying right now. It is tugging on my heartstrings and making me think of my nephew puppies (my sister’s dogs who are my little friends, I don’t have a dog of my own) in a new light! More about the nephew puppies: https://thetorrodiaries.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/theres-snow-way-i-could-be-unhappy-on-this-beautiful-morning/ & https://thetorrodiaries.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/my-puppy-nephew-preston/I can’t read for a long period of time (makes me sleepy) so I switch back and forth from reading and sketching so I can enjoy both!
  7. Blank White Watercolor Paper and…
  8. Faber-Castell Black Pen: I like to sketch on watercolor paper in case I am going to add color! This is my favorite black pen. It doesn’t run when you watercolor over it.
  9. Yankee Candle: I currently have “Clean Cotton” burning for ambiance and a fresh, clean scent! Yankee candles burn the best and smell the best, in my opinion. Sometimes, I find them significantly discounted at TJ maxx!
  10. Mango: I cut up a mango this morning and put half of it on a small plate to enjoy. I like to pretend I picked it off of a tree in the middle of a sunny, isolated island and I am eating it on a lounge chair with the smell of the ocean in the background.

10: Female Singer/Songwriters

Every “10″ post will have a different theme. On every “10″ post I will list ten people, things, places, etc. that inspire me, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. I will bold my personal favorite, just for fun!

The first “10” theme is:

Female Singer/Songwriters

  1. Ingrid Michaelson
  2. Missy Higgins
  3. Adele
  4. Norah Jones
  5. Martina Topley Bird
  6. Regina Spektor
  7. Corrine Bailey Rae
  8. Anna Nalick
  9. Kate Voegele
  10. A Fine Frenzy (Alison Sudol)

**Click each name for a link to the artist’s website! Enjoy!!