Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Pantone announced the color of the year for 2014: Radiant Orchid!

Though this one is not a personal favorite of mine, I am always inspired by color! This bright and almost neon color does not frequent my wardrobe or even my artwork but these fun photographs which highlight it in the best way are almost convincing me to change my opinion. I can’t help but think about how much this color would fit into the Lisa Frank color palette which is so 1995! I hope you are as inspired as I am! Enjoy!


*I am having a hard time finding the sources for these images. It seems that they are royalty free…Thank you to all the artists behind them!

Hanging Paper Stars

I have a tall window in my living room with a sill which I love to decorate. For our first year in our home we went “all out” and put garlands and lights and our nativity on the sill but there was some negative space that I wanted to fill. I came of with the idea of floating 3D stars made from Christmas scrapbook paper!

I made 4 and they came out so pretty; they are perfect!


They are hanging from yarn tied onto command hooks:


I cut out 16 stars, 4 for each ornament (each about 2 inch). I folded them all in half, good side of paper on the inside of the fold. I put 4 together with scotch tape adhesive dot roller. I left one part detached so I could glue the yarn into it.


They came out so great! Could use any shape! Gonna try larger hearts for Valentine’s Day too!

Sequin Monogram Pumpkin!

Over 700 tiny pins later, my pumpkin is done! I am so excited about how this came out!


In order to complete this project I needed a variety pack of sequins, 3 packs of sequin pins (each pack with 350 pins), a pen, and of course, a pumpkin!

I started by drawing the letter “D”. “D” is the first letter of my last name! This is our first family pumpkin in our first home. If you don’t want to free hand draw the monogram, choose your favorite font and print the letter off of your computer. Cut it out, tape it on your pumpkin, and trace!

Next, line up the colors in the order you want them to go…


Start by placing one sequin on each pin and placing them within your letter.


You could look at this as time consuming and tedious or very relaxing. The end result is thrilling! These sequins shimmer so beautifully! Too fun! I love it!

A big heart or star would be awesome too!

Happy Creative Halloween!

Uncorrupted Love, a poem for my loved ones

This is a poem about what I understand of love. You can take it as deeply or as superficially as you would take any poem but to me, this is real. This is 24 years of perspective and it is dedicated to all of my loved ones:

True love is uncorrupted.

It is mine.

It lives inside of my soul, my mind, and my body. In its strongest moments, it actually hurts. It responds to touch.

It wears different faces. It is empathetic before it is angry. It is very defensive.

It can be erroneously mimicked, it can be abused, and it can be challenged.

It can be lost but it cannot be taken.

It always is but should never be questioned.

True love is the reason I live.


Blueberry Haiku


Tart yet sweet to bite

Simply and beautifully blue

Fresh gift from nature

We must enjoy the very small things in this world to achieve the balance we so desire in our everyday lives. Choosing this pretty bowl to compliment the berries’ color, carefully photographing them on a well lit and natural surface, and writing the fun little poem above helped me to embrace them. I want to teach my daughter to create happiness from nature. I want her life to be rich with art. I want her to take her time, to look at things around her, and to appreciate simplicity.

Damn right I support it

“I might not be the same, but that’s not important
No freedom till we’re equal, damn right I support it”

~Macklemore, Same Love

I was in the car a few nights ago when I heard a man rapping on the radio. I don’t generally choose to listen to rap music but the lyrics above, of Macklemore’s song, Same Love, hooked me. I cried when it was done because of several emotions; I was so proud of this guy for singing what he was singing. I was sad that a song even needed to be written about something that seems so easy, equal rights. I thought of people that I know, who still don’t understand how wrong it is to hate and how sad I am for them. I thought about how some people, like myself, are happily in love, sharing their love for each other with the world, and it is the best thing in their lives; haters are robbing this privilege from others.

This rapper is saying that he doesn’t need to belong to a group to support them. It’s about respect for every other person. It’s about empathy for their personal struggles, experiences, and decisions.

I researched Macklemore a little more and found out that he is a small town guy from Seattle. His original thoughts, organic ideas, and a talent to express them have made people want to listen to what he has to say.

Below is a link to the video for the song, which is another incredible piece of art! The video is so well done and inspirational within itself. Click the photo or click here to check it out.

Picture 14

*Thank you Ryan Lewis for the video

Maternity Photo Shoot–Melissa Fogg Photography

A few weeks ago, my husband and I met with a new photographer in our area who is specifically trained to photograph our newborn (when she finally arrives). Upon signing the contract for our newborn photo shoot, she offered us a FREE Maternity Mini-session and, of course, I said “Thank You” and scheduled a date! Melissa Fogg is so sweet, professional, and an incredible artist!

Here is her blog!


Here is her website!

These are 2 of my favorites, so far…can’t wait to see more of her beautiful work!



Like her on facebook to show your support

Thank you so much, Melissa!! We are thrilled!!

Inspired by “Attraction”

Breathtaking, emotional and inspiring are just 3 words to describe this life-changing performance…

You have to see for yourself…

Click picture or click here

Picture 10

I feel so proud for these artists; they have dedicated their time, emotions, bodies, and probably much more to be a part of this! Bravo and Thank You!

Photo Editing Tutorial plus an awesome deal I found…

Until 4/26/13, Canvas People are running a deal and it’s awesome!!

Free 8×10 Canvas! Click HERE.

All you pay is $14.95 for shipping. I just ordered mine!

*Make sure you opt out of all special effects on the site to get the deal

Here is a really fun idea for editing your image before you import it…

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click the “edit a photo” button

Step 3: Select the photo you want to edit (make sure it’s a good quality photo)

Step 4: Once you get to the photo editor screen, select the “effects tab”, it looks like a chemistry flask.

Step 5: Scroll down and select the effect called “Warhol”

Step 5: Select one darker color and one lighter color that would look great in the room in which you will hang your canvas…I chose a gray/blue and pink because those two colors will be in my baby’s nursery…

Picture 24

Step 6: Click “Apply” when you have decided. Feel free to play with other effects or continue to step 7

Step 7: Click the “save” button and save your image in a place where you can quickly retrieve it.

*If you want to use the photo you just created for your free 8×10 (before 4/26/13) continue to Step 8..

Step 8: Click this link (if before 4/26/13 you will get the deal; if after 4/26/13, go to and order a canvas for their regular price)

Step 9: Click “create my canvas”

Step 10: Click “upload my photo”

Step 11: Find and select the photo you just edited!

Step 12: Select free 8×10

Step 13: Select “no frame” and “no effects”

Step 14: Add to Cart and order your canvas!! That was fun!!

Here is my completed canvas: