A friend mentioned this app to me so I downloaded it, and I really like it so I wanted to share!

Spotify is a free music app where you can listen to music you know but also find some amazing new songs or artists.

There are categories to Browse through but you could also choose to Discover, use the Radio, etc. You can follow artists and create your own stations. I can’t wait to explore the app further!


  IMG_4276   IMG_8441

You should check it out!


Damn right I support it

“I might not be the same, but that’s not important
No freedom till we’re equal, damn right I support it”

~Macklemore, Same Love

I was in the car a few nights ago when I heard a man rapping on the radio. I don’t generally choose to listen to rap music but the lyrics above, of Macklemore’s song, Same Love, hooked me. I cried when it was done because of several emotions; I was so proud of this guy for singing what he was singing. I was sad that a song even needed to be written about something that seems so easy, equal rights. I thought of people that I know, who still don’t understand how wrong it is to hate and how sad I am for them. I thought about how some people, like myself, are happily in love, sharing their love for each other with the world, and it is the best thing in their lives; haters are robbing this privilege from others.

This rapper is saying that he doesn’t need to belong to a group to support them. It’s about respect for every other person. It’s about empathy for their personal struggles, experiences, and decisions.

I researched Macklemore a little more and found out that he is a small town guy from Seattle. His original thoughts, organic ideas, and a talent to express them have made people want to listen to what he has to say.

Below is a link to the video for the song, which is another incredible piece of art! The video is so well done and inspirational within itself. Click the photo or click here to check it out.

Picture 14

*Thank you Ryan Lewis for the video

Inspired by “Attraction”

Breathtaking, emotional and inspiring are just 3 words to describe this life-changing performance…

You have to see for yourself…

Click picture or click here

Picture 10

I feel so proud for these artists; they have dedicated their time, emotions, bodies, and probably much more to be a part of this! Bravo and Thank You!

3 things I like today…

1. Pink’s cover of Me and My Bobby McGee: Though she can be a little “too much” for me at times, overall, she is an incredibly talented, authentic, and respectable artist!! This is my favorite thing I have ever seen of hers. (Click the photo to watch the video)

Picture 15

*Thank you momof1in02 for the video

2. Compawssion: This incredible book is made up of portraits of rescue dogs; they look like people who have entire lives behind them! This portion of the post is dedicated to my bestie, Lihz, who devotes so much time and love to her rescued dog, Scamp!


Purchase for $75 and choose to which rescue organization you want most of the proceeds to go.


And this is Scamp… so cute!!

3. This photo of my hubby and I having an awesome time in DisneyWorld: I have been dying to go back to Disney so I was looking through some photos from our last trip…we had a little too much fun!! I love my husband!!


We can’t wait to take our daughter through all the parks, give her a mickey mouse shaped ice cream to get all messy with in the stroller, and dress her up like Tinkerbell! So much magic from one man’s dream!

Favorites of the Grammys 2013!

I am not normally an awards show kind of girl but I like the Grammys because of some of the incredible performances. To see Adam Levine and Alicia Keys vibe off of each other to create this awesome performance was the best experience for me while watching! Alicia on drums really got me!

Watching it again this morning confirmed what I felt last night! I could watch it over and over again! Enjoy….


CLICK THE PHOTO to see the performance on YOUTUBE!

Some other highlights, Justin Timberlake’s performance and Florence Welsh’s unique emerald gown and accessories!

Thank you ABC News,, for the photos and Kejaahv for the video!

10: Female Singer/Songwriters

Every “10″ post will have a different theme. On every “10″ post I will list ten people, things, places, etc. that inspire me, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. I will bold my personal favorite, just for fun!

The first “10” theme is:

Female Singer/Songwriters

  1. Ingrid Michaelson
  2. Missy Higgins
  3. Adele
  4. Norah Jones
  5. Martina Topley Bird
  6. Regina Spektor
  7. Corrine Bailey Rae
  8. Anna Nalick
  9. Kate Voegele
  10. A Fine Frenzy (Alison Sudol)

**Click each name for a link to the artist’s website! Enjoy!!

The Fray at Radio City!!

I had the most amazing time seeing The Fray at Radio City Music Hall!! “Be Still” was unreal; it reminded me of why I am such a devoted fan of this group!! This concert was one of the happiest experiences of 2012 so far!!

Left: This was a picture of my sister and me, are all dressed up and ready to head over to Radio City!! We had such a blast!!






And over on the right: Issac Slade singing “Happiness”. (Click my photo for a youtube video the band posted from that night)