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Luciana’s 1st Valentines!

Luciana’s made some beautiful Valentines for her friends with a little help from Mommy and Daddy! We used a foam brush to coat her hand with red, non-toxic, acrylic paint. We kept a tight grip on her hand so it didn’t find its way into her mouth. We let her smear the paint on the heart-shaped cards and let them dry. We added fun little hearts (punched with a small heart punch) with an Elmer’s glue pen and wrote a short note to each of her friends on them.

IMG_0631IMG_3243IMG_3246We will be mailing them out as soon as we get all of the envelopes written out….

It’s not too late!! Go out, grab the supplies, and make some of your own!

Friday Fun-day!

In between homework and chores, Mommy and Luchi have been having tons of fun in the kitchen! Luchi had some homemade sweet potato mash and Mommy had a fruity salad and roasted chick peas for lunch! Girls gotta eat! This amazing new popcorn I found has been in a bowl by my computer screen for some of the morning as well! What an awesome snack! Eat whole foods and feel amazing!

I just piled anything fresh I had into a bowl to create this masterpiece. Apples, raspberries, tomatoes, avocado, peppers, feta, and spring mix topped with raspberry walnut dressing.


These are just organic garbanzo beans from a can, rinsed, dried, tossed in 1 tbsp of olive oil, baked for 25 mins at 400 degrees and then sprinkled with spices of your choice! (I used 1/2 tsp of each, salt, coriander, paprika, and garlic powder) They are crunchy and delicious! 4 points plus for 1/2 cup.


Look at those little teeth!! I love this baby!!


We are going to finish our Valentine’s this evening…stay tuned for that post!

Snow on the Beach

Silently, like thoughts that come and go, the snowflakes fall, each one a gem.

~William Hamilton Gibson


I was cooped up at work today but while on my lunch break I spotted this beautiful shot on my Instagram. Thank you Danielle, it made my day!

GRAMMYs 2014!!!

I can not believe it has been a full year since I posted about the 2013 GRAMMYs. I have gotten into the award shows more over the last few years; they are something to enjoy during this cold and dark stretch of winter!

First of all, OH MY GOD… PINK IS INSANE! I have posted about her talent before but this performance, especially the Just Give Me a Reason portion, was incredible!

Watch video of performance here!

*Thank you LeonardoKardozo for the video

I have also posted about my love for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis here and I was hoping that the GRAMMY for Song of the Year went to either them or Pink! I was thrilled to see my two favorite radio songs of the year be nominated. That being said, neither one got it. Lorde deserved the GRAMMY and I was certainly happy for her as well! Macklemore ended up winning 4 GRAMMYs for other categories!

As far as favorite red carpet favorites, Macklemore’s velvet and Ryan Lewis in houndstooth were perfect! Obsessed with both!


Taylor Swift’s metalic dress was very pretty as well and something about Sara Bareilles’ Boho-ish dress made me happy!

465276861465255451*Photos by Lester Cohen/WireImage.com

Feeling inspired! Come back soon

Our Birthday!

My husband and I have the same birthday, August 15th; we love to celebrate together! We did a few fun things this year as I turned 24 and Frank turned 36.

We woke up on our birthday morning and decided to go to Leaming’s Run Gardens in Cape May Court House. We walked through their carefully designed gardens that have been maintained for years by the Aprill Family. Thomas Leaming’s house, built in 1706 still stands at the edge of the path through the gardens. Our favorite spots were the gazebo, the bamboo forest, and the little waterfall! It was beautiful!!

IMG_1087 IMG_1076 IMG_1060 IMG_1084 IMG_1079

After Leaming’s Run we fed the baby and then made our way over to the Cape May County Zoo. We walked through for about an hour; the weather was absolutely perfect!! We finally saw the baby snow leopards (we wanted to see them the last few times we visited but they were never out), a beautiful fox, kissing lemurs, and Frank’s favorite, the Lion!

IMG_1117 IMG_1129 IMG_1121 IMG_1107I went to dinner with my family at the Maplewood 3 in Vineland where we ate an Italian meal and finished with an amazing cannoli cake from Christine’s Italian Pastry Shoppe! Yum!

Finally, to celebrate with our friends we hosted a BBQ in our new home!! We had our closest friends over for burgers, hot dogs, and chicken on the grill. I made my signature salads (bulgar salad, pasta salad with crab and zucchini, spaghetti squash salad with basil and feta, spinach salad with watermelon, walnuts, and honey balsamic, and baked sweet potatoes with an avocado/cilantro sauce). I also made a cinnamon sugar cake and a triple chocolate cake for dessert. Luciana wore her special dress!
IMG_1553IMG_1514IMG_1521 IMG_1539 IMG_1515

We are so blessed to have our families, friends, and especially each other in our lives!!

Thanks to all who celebrated with us!!