A friend mentioned this app to me so I downloaded it, and I really like it so I wanted to share!

Spotify is a free music app where you can listen to music you know but also find some amazing new songs or artists.

There are categories to Browse through but you could also choose to Discover, use the Radio, etc. You can follow artists and create your own stations. I can’t wait to explore the app further!


  IMG_4276   IMG_8441

You should check it out!


Happy Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of my first post!!

Since 3/27/12, I have learned and experienced so much!!

I have changed jobs, created a tiny human who is still cooking in my belly, rediscovered confidence and happiness in my creativity, learned new recipes, found new music and art, and traveled a little bit.


I am super proud of all my posts; I think that the group of all 50 really defines me as a person, writer, and artist.

I am excited to continue with the blog for another year! Stay tuned!

I hope that by 3/27/14 I am just as happy! A goal of mine is to write at least 100 posts this year!

Thanks to all my readers, especially the followers!