Banana “Ice Cream” & Granola Mug



You are going to need a Yonanas machine (I know some people use blenders or food processors to make these whips but the Yonanas machine is specifically made to make them).

When you have 3 or 4 bananas that are overripe at the end of the week, DO NOT throw them away! Cut them in half and freeze them for this recipe, smoothies, or anything else!

To make the “ice cream”, you simply place your favorite coffee mug under the machine’s spout, put your frozen banana in the top and and use the plunger to push the banana through the machine! They will come out with a very similar consistency to ice cream. You can also visit the Yonanas site to see how it works with photos and videos!

I like mine a few ways: with mini chocolate chips, with sliced almonds and a drizzle of good caramel sauce, or with granola!

This recipe makes one mugful of “ice cream”. With the 1/3 cup of Banana Sunbelt Granola: Weight watchers Points Plus 2012: 3 points

I consider this a special weekend treat because you have to have the bananas ready to go, need to wash the machine after you are done (which can take a little extra time than your normal breakfast clean up), and because even though it is only technically 3 points, there are 2 bananas in this which are high in sugar (even though its the best kind of sugar, in its most natural form).

*The machine is dishwasher safe, so you better believe mine is going in there!

Overall this is super healthy and incredibly delicious!! Let me know what you think of it!


Green Breakfast Smoothie

This smoothie got a MAKEOVER…


…and a new name: Green Elvis!

Come see it in its new home, CLICK HERE!

Sorry if inconvenient, thanks for coming by!

Morgan’s Birthday!

My little sister just turned 21!! My husband, Luci and I got her a fun collection of gifts! We got her cinnamon buns from a super small bakery in my town, Frog Hollow, sunflowers from a local roadside farm, and of course, a bottle of booze, she is 21 after all.

IMG_0968The photo below is from Frog Hollow’s facebook page…Wanted to show how cute this place is! Thank you mystery photographer.



I couldn’t go out to celebrate with her because of Luciana but we did go to breakfast in Cape May as a family. We ate at the Blue Pig Tavern in the beautiful and historic Congress Hall and took a walk afterward through the strip of shops nearby.

IMG_1037IMG_1036We took a family photo before breakfast too…

DSCF1493_2 We had such a nice morning.

My sister is my best friend and confidant! I don’t know what I would do without her! Happy Birthday Morg!


A Perfect Sunny Sunday

In keeping with the theme of this blog (a peek into my simple, balanced, small town life, for those who are new readers) I hope this post once again inspires you to find happiness in the daily experiences that make up your life…

This morning I woke up at 7, straightened up a little bit around my house and got dressed for a boardwalk stroll with one of my favorite people, my friend Deirdre, who I have mentioned in past posts. I drove onto the island of Ocean City, NJ and I snapped a few photos while I waited for her… my home is so beautiful!


I snagged a shot of a few birdies enjoying some breakfast.


Speaking of breakfast, in the middle of our stroll, Deirdre and I stopped for “banana whips” from the Bashful Banana for breakfast. They are made of only frozen bananas which are put into an appliance to create an ice-cream-like treat on which I personally topped with fresh raspberries and granola! It is the most delicious and healthy breakfast! Deirdre threw a few chocolate chips into hers!

We caught up and had an amazing time as usual, I love her!

We parted ways to go about the rest of our days, which of course, on Sunday’s means the grocery store and laundry, for me. Once those chores were completed it was still before noon (on a normal Sunday I would be prepping some food for the week but my MomMom came down to visit for the day so the food prepping chores were rescheduled until she went home; my MomMom takes priority over almost anything) so I still had a full day of fun ahead of me!

My mom and I took her to see my new house, we went to visit my aunt and then we went back to the boardwalk for late lunch at my favorite restaurant in the whole world, The Hula Grill! We stopped into Shiver’s, a 115 year-old Salt Water Taffy and Fudge shop for a few taffy’s, to satisfy our sweet teeth and headed home.

A little exercise, good food, time with friends and family, feeling my little baby rolling about inside, and the smell of the salt air made for one special and irreplaceable day!

Below is a photo of my MomMom and me from when I was a kid. I was all dressed up for my dance recital in Ocean City, where else?! I cried the entire time on stage.


If you are ever in the area, one, if not all, of these aforementioned establishments really deserve a visit!

Thanks for reading, happy sunny Sunday!