Luciana’s Playground Adventure

It has been so cold in our town that this 40 degree day felt amazing! We needed to get out of the house and since Luchi is sitting up on her own now I figured she would have a ball in the swing at the park! She loved it!! We bundled her up and brought her over the bridge to a park I went to as a kid. She watched some other kids play, which is her favorite thing to do, and had a nice first ride in the swing while Mommy and Daddy took pictures!

 IMG_3127 She really liked this little blue car as well…she was sitting up in it and rocking it own her own! We were so proud! IMG_3180 IMG_3157IMG_3189IMG_3118



just an “interesting” thing I found…

First, let me start by saying that I hate to admit it, but I spend a tiny portion of some days looking at “celebrity crap” like gossip magazines, E! news on occasion, and instagram. Though I don’t find it necessary, I actually do think it’s important to try and observe all types of people to learn about yourself, celebrities included…

That being said, I was on instagram and found a picture that Kourtney Kardashian posted (below) on which she commented: “my dream life”, to describe the photo….

Picture 18Picture 18

The reason I found this to be so “interesting” was because the woman in this photo seemed to have the same lifestyle as Kourtney Kardashian, from an outsider’s view. The woman in the photo, just like Kourtney, has two seemingly healthy and beautiful children she is toting around in the middle of a sunny day on a very clean street and she is dressed head-to-toe in designer clothing, as are her two children. Apparently Kourtney doesn’t think this looks like her and is dreaming of this lifestyle. It is such a natural thing to do, to want more than you have, no matter how much you have; and this simple post confirms that this is true all the way across the board.

I don’t know if this should be defined as envy, greed, or if it should be considered sinful at all. I think that just because every woman on the planet does this, doesn’t mean it isn’t sinful. I doubt Kourtney felt like she was sinning but posting something like this. I, of course, am not perfect and do this all the time as well. I think I should be sorry after I have a thought like this because I am blessed with so much. It is hard to be stronger than very natural sins like this that are so interwoven into our culture. Even though it is sometimes hard, I try to beat these sinful thoughts anyway.

No matter how I define it, to me this whole idea remains “interesting”…