Luciana’s 1st Valentines!

Luciana’s made some beautiful Valentines for her friends with a little help from Mommy and Daddy! We used a foam brush to coat her hand with red, non-toxic, acrylic paint. We kept a tight grip on her hand so it didn’t find its way into her mouth. We let her smear the paint on the heart-shaped cards and let them dry. We added fun little hearts (punched with a small heart punch) with an Elmer’s glue pen and wrote a short note to each of her friends on them.

IMG_0631IMG_3243IMG_3246We will be mailing them out as soon as we get all of the envelopes written out….

It’s not too late!! Go out, grab the supplies, and make some of your own!


Uncorrupted Love, a poem for my loved ones

This is a poem about what I understand of love. You can take it as deeply or as superficially as you would take any poem but to me, this is real. This is 24 years of perspective and it is dedicated to all of my loved ones:

True love is uncorrupted.

It is mine.

It lives inside of my soul, my mind, and my body. In its strongest moments, it actually hurts. It responds to touch.

It wears different faces. It is empathetic before it is angry. It is very defensive.

It can be erroneously mimicked, it can be abused, and it can be challenged.

It can be lost but it cannot be taken.

It always is but should never be questioned.

True love is the reason I live.