My husband and I have been dropping our baby off at my mom’s house and seeing a movie every Tuesday night (we just learned that our theater has $6 movies on Tuesdays!). This is so fun for us because it gives us something different to talk about; it is like we are sharing a new experience! Anyway… a few weeks ago we went to see Saving Mr. Banks, which we really loved, and while we were waiting for it to start they showed a preview for a movie called Bears! It was made my Disneynature, was filmed in Alaska, and narrated by John C. Reilly!

Oh my gosh, I am a new parent and a nature lover so I cried by eyes out through this entire trailer. It really touched me, I can’t believe how emotional I felt. I was literally sobbing! I am so excited to go the week it comes out, April 18th to celebrate Earth day. For each ticket sold, Disneynature is donating to the National Park Foundation so not only are you getting an experience but you are helping too! I can’t wait!

Click here or click this photo, from the movie, below to see the trailer:



Chase the Sunset

I was cozy in my bedroom with a book and the baby on this lazy Saturday afternoon when I glanced out the window to see the glow of the pink sunset on the snowy roofs of the neighbor’s homes. Inspired, I put the baby in a snowsuit, bundled myself up, grabbed my camera and ran out the door to get my shot!

I got a few right out front of my house but was not done! I packed the baby up to drive down to the bay. We got a few more to satisfy us! So much beauty so close to home!

IMG_3098IMG_3091 IMG_3088 IMG_3101

Blueberry Haiku


Tart yet sweet to bite

Simply and beautifully blue

Fresh gift from nature

We must enjoy the very small things in this world to achieve the balance we so desire in our everyday lives. Choosing this pretty bowl to compliment the berries’ color, carefully photographing them on a well lit and natural surface, and writing the fun little poem above helped me to embrace them. I want to teach my daughter to create happiness from nature. I want her life to be rich with art. I want her to take her time, to look at things around her, and to appreciate simplicity.

A Morning Boardwalk Stroll

It has been a month since my little Luci was born. Below is her 1 month picture:


We have been healing from the birth and learning about one another; we are ready to venture out into the world again! We have made it to the supermarket, to my parent’s house, and to a few restaurants so far and she is doing great!! We decided to meet our friend on the boardwalk this morning for a walk and to run some errands today.  969103_10151527845475981_1853644265_n

Deirdre met us on the boardwalk and took this pretty picture (above)!

Lucy was snug in her stroller and was wearing a pretty bow that I made for her! So cute!!


We walked and talked until we reached our first destination, Bashful Banana. I have probably blogged about the Bashful Banana before but it is a favorite of mine so I like to promote their business! Today I got the kiddie size banana whip with granola and chocolate chips. It tastes like ice cream but its 100% frozen banana. Delicious.


We then moved on to the Ocean City Coffee Company where Deirdre bought an Iced Coffee and we chatted with a friend who works there. They designed the inside of that store with bags of imported coffee on the walls. They sell loose teas there too which I like (I don’t like coffee).


We sat on a bench, enjoyed our whips and coffee and made our way back to our cars. When we split with Deirdre we moved on to our next stop, Bennie’s Bread. We got the best freshly baked rolls in town and pulled pork to make sandwiches for lunch.


I sliced up a home grown (by my Pop Pop) Jersey tomato and made pulled pork and provolone sandwiches for lunch. It was delicious alongside some local blueberries.


Good people, nature, exercise, and great food are the components of healthy and happy memories for me and my daughter!

If you visit the area check out these small businesses!

Baby birds


Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius

As I was scrolling through my Facebook this afternoon, I stumbled upon this amazing photo!

These little birds are so perfect and new! Their mother’s nest is beautifully sculpted just for them; nature is so inspiring! They made me smile so I wanted to share; thank you mother nature!

*Photo was taken by my friend, Kim Angelo,who photographed my wedding!

She also did the photo for the blog’s banner!

My hubby and I love her work! Website here.

March Morning


On the corner of a blue bench, I sit.
Deep breath in, smell the salt, a gust of wind on my cheeks.
Runners and bikers pass, shaking the boards under my seat.
Two birds fly from behind me and land on a bush in the sand. A few chirp, a few flutters and they fly away.
Another gust of wind; It whips through my jeans.
Two older men come my way and pass me on my bench. I hear seconds of their conversation.
I close my eyes and feel safe.
The sun is warm on my nose and forehead.
Baby moves inside of me.
I think this is what happy feels like.
Another deep breath. I get up and go.

I went for a lovely walk early this morning. I walk by the water for the first part of my walk and on the way back I walk on the boards. I took a few minutes to sit and write this poem on my way back.

Here are some more photos from my peaceful beach walk this morning.





Cape May Point

Today was a perfect Sunday…

I completed my errands and chores but was also able to take time to share a new experience with my husband.

We decided to take a 30 minute drive down to Cape May Point, the southern-most point of New Jersey, where we hiked a nature trail, checked out the lighthouse, and got a close-up look at a 70-year-old bunker from World War II.

It was a beautiful afternoon!



Observed some pretty white swans! We read about the migratory patterns of some of the birds that make stops in Cape May; some of them travel all the way from southern South America! Incredible!


An up-close look at some of the plants…


The amazing bunker! Tried to put ourselves into the shoes of the soldiers who were serving here, “back in the day.”


Being at the tip of a body of land like this and looking out at the horizon reminds me to be less self-centered and to recognize the “bigness” of the world/nature around me. This is a good thing to remember on a Sunday before a full work week.

I would definitely recommend a visit to see these historic and beautiful landmarks!