Luciana’s 1st Valentines!

Luciana’s made some beautiful Valentines for her friends with a little help from Mommy and Daddy! We used a foam brush to coat her hand with red, non-toxic, acrylic paint. We kept a tight grip on her hand so it didn’t find its way into her mouth. We let her smear the paint on the heart-shaped cards and let them dry. We added fun little hearts (punched with a small heart punch) with an Elmer’s glue pen and wrote a short note to each of her friends on them.

IMG_0631IMG_3243IMG_3246We will be mailing them out as soon as we get all of the envelopes written out….

It’s not too late!! Go out, grab the supplies, and make some of your own!


Dear Beautiful Couch,

Picture 17

Dear Beautiful Couch,

If I were rich, you and I would be friends!

Red is not my favorite color and I don’t know how you would fit into the rest of my world but if I could afford you I would find a way to “make it work”!

I hope that all of the people who are blessed to have you in their home appreciate your splendor!

Thank you, Anthropologie.

just paint over it…

The act of painting is a metaphor for life.

There are stages and colors that represent the experiences and emotions.

If you make a stroke or mark you don’t like, you wait for the paint to dry and paint over it. The drying and repainting acts are like healing and trying again.

Yes, it is “cheesy” but it is therapeutic, peaceful, and something one-of-a-kind comes from each painting session.


Now, you try….

“The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” ~Pablo Picasso