What makes you happy?

25 things that make me happy:

1. Deep discussions with my dad during long car rides

2. Wine and fancy dinner with a group of friends

3. Rocking my daughter to sleep

4. A really good kiss from the love of my life

5. Playing with a puppy

6. Watching my baby discover something new

7. Hugging my friends who I don’t get to see very often

8. Listening to a feel-good song

9. Getting a call in the morning that I don’t have to go to work

10. A breath of salt air on the beach

11. Looking at a finished project or piece of artwork I made, after great effort was put into it

12. A long, healthy talk with my husband, at random

13. An early morning in PJ’s with a cup of tea and something to read

14. Puzzling with Poppop and making him laugh really hard and loudly

15. Running errands on a Saturday with my Mom

16. Walking into the Magic Kingdom in DisneyWorld

17. Christmas Eve at my Mommom’s house

18. Watching my husband enjoy a meal I made for him.

19. A lunch date with my sister

20. Eating slices of Mack and Manco’s pizza on stools in sandy bathing suits in the middle of a beach day with my Mommom

21. Seeing someone’s face after you just paid them an appreciated compliment

22. Hearing and seeing my daughter chuckle

23. Watching and reciting every line of City Slicker with my Dad

24. That perfect-timing hug and love from your mom

25. Walking the Ocean City Boardwalk on a summer night

*This post is dedicated to my beautiful daughter. May you read this and learn that your mom knows what matters in this world and thanks God every day for the small and incredibly beautiful gifts with which she has been blessed.IMG_0017


The Sweet, Simple Things

It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
-Laura Ingalls Wilder

Another photo of my adorable puppy nephews….Watching them cuddle together in the grass was a small, happy moment in the middle of a very emotional day…


Today, my families’ experiences were so very widespread on the emotional spectrum.

We grieved over the loss of two incredible woman of immense character, who were meaningful friends in our lives…

We suffered through the emotions of a failed test, a test that could have been life changing but wasn’t meant to be passed right now…

On the other side of the spectrum, we celebrated the graduation of my sister from college; she powered through and completed a bachelor’s degree an entire year early, a 4 year program completed in 3 years!! Get it girl!!

We hold each others hands and push through it all together…we try to embrace the sweet, simple things, amongst all the crazy!

2 things I learned from the woman who are now watching over us:

1. Stand up for what you believe and who you are. Your opinions give you bold, irreplaceable character. RIP Marge

2. Try to be the person in the room who’s inner beauty radiates through his/her skin and fight like hell to live life to the fullest until your last breath. RIP Anne

There’s SNOW way I could be unhappy on this beautiful morning!

Last night was the first snowfall of the season. I was excited because I knew I had the day off today to take a walk with my sister. We played with her puppies first and then ventured around the neighborhood on one of our regular routes for some fresh air an sugar-coated scenery. Since I have last posted, she got a new puppy (now there are 2). His name is Tucker; I call him “tuck tuck”.


On our walk, I took some photos of the train tracks and some snow-dusted plants. Simple, natural, and pure nature, one of the few uncorrupted joys of life.




So blessed to share the beauty of this happy Saturday morning with you.

*Soundtrack of the morning: Missy Higgins Radio on Pandora

My Puppy Nephew, Preston

If this isn’t the cutest puppy you have ever seen than you must have seen some DAMN cute puppies! Look at that face!! This is Preston, my sister’s puppy!

He is my little buddy! We go for a walk around town almost every day!

Preston is a “shorkie”, 3/4 Yorkie, 1/4 Shih tzu.

Sometimes he is too curious to walk; he is always stopping to sniff around!

He always gives kisses, he loves socks, and he is so snugly when he gets sleepy!

My lovely sister, Morgan (pictured below), takes such good care of him and I love being an auntie! More photos and stories to come in the future…