Idea Box

If I have 30 minutes of quiet time, it must not be wasted…

When I use these 30 minutes to flip through a magazine, I want to remember the thoughts, ideas, recipes, etc. that I like. In order to do so and keep ripped out pages from being scattered all over the house, I organized a concept I call an Idea Box.


I always keep a sheet of labels and some scrap paper pieces in the box, paper-clipped together.


I use the labels when I want to write down a thought or idea and stick it onto a torn out page.


I use the scrap papers if I think of something while reading that I want to jot down but don’t feel the need to keep the page.


I put all the pages and ideas into the box and store it neatly in the closet. Fun to sift through it on a rainy day!

If you are reading the magazine on the beach or at a friends house (and they will let you rip the page out) tear the page out right there, put it in your purse, and when you get home, place it in your box. Simple.

This saves me from the I-don’t-want-to-throw-away-the-magazine-because-I-saw-something-in-it-I-liked dilemma which causes lots of clutter!! With this process I can recycle the magazine right away, no hanging around for 3 months and then throwing it away anyway because you have forgotten why you kept it (you know you do this)….

*Also, use scrap paper instead of post-its when you can, for any project…saves trees 🙂


Legal Theft with Coupons

A simple tutorial for the person who wants to put in little time and effort but still save some money.

I feel like a thief today because with just a few coupons I got basically half of my purchases for free with very little time or effort spent! Too good to be true? It’s true, check out my photo below! I thought I would share/brag about this so my readers can see that you don’t have to be an “extreme couponer” to save a little cash.

Today, I got $82 worth of items for only $44!! This savings is a dinner out with my hubby or a new outfit for the baby!! So worth it!


6 toothbrushes, 2 Aveeno baby sunscreens, 2 bottles of shampoo, 3 birthday cards, 24 laundry pods, 6 bars of soap, a box of salt, a jar of Alfredo sauce, a bottle of honey, 2 bags of chips, and an antibiotics prescription!!


-One Sunday paper

-Some leftover coupons from a recent trip to CVS

-A little organization

-A little math

-About 40 minutes (10 minutes cutting coupons/looking through the flyers, 20 minutes making smart purchases in CVS, 10 minutes in Shop Rite)

The Process:

On Sunday mornings, I go through the coupons in the paper and cut out only the ones we need or may need before they expire (I don’t clip dog food coupons because I don’t have a dog; I only clip coupons for items that we would have purchased at some point anyway, coupon or not) Once I get them all cut out, I put them into a little coupon folder I made, which has them categorized. I don’t go crazy with a binder or anything like that; I just separate into a few categories. There are not ridiculous amounts of them so this works well for me.

I then move on to the flyers for the week. I mostly use CVS and Target because they have my favorite kind of deals (they give you extra bucks or target gift cards when you make certain purchases). These extra bucks or gift cards are basically “free money” that can be used for things you need right then or things you know you will need. I try to use them for the types of items that don’t usually have coupons. The flyers may have a few coupons but they mostly just let you know which items have deals associated with them or which items are on sale that week. I usually cut out the really good sales/deals and bring them with me shopping, just to remind me. This way I don’t have to remember the deals I wanted to take advantage of or have to sift through the entire flyer in the store.

*Tip: both CVS and Target let you make 2 separate purchases in one visit so make one purchase (items for which you will get extra bucks or a gift card) and then with a second purchase, use the extra bucks or gift card you just got! This way, if you don’t make it back to the store right away, your “free money” won’t expire! Genius!

I never save insane amounts of money like the people you see on TV but they spend so much time and effort (I have to balance my life and doing anything in excess is too much of an investment for me). If my Sunday paper gets paid for with a coupon or 2 and I can stock up on things while they are cheaper, I don’t have to make impulse purchases for things when they are not on sale; avoiding impulse purchases saves me money!

Again, every one of the items I bought today are our preferred brands, few of these items will expire, and the effort/time investment was very small!

Successful trip!

Feel free to comment for specific details about this!!