Banana “Ice Cream” & Granola Mug



You are going to need a Yonanas machine (I know some people use blenders or food processors to make these whips but the Yonanas machine is specifically made to make them).

When you have 3 or 4 bananas that are overripe at the end of the week, DO NOT throw them away! Cut them in half and freeze them for this recipe, smoothies, or anything else!

To make the “ice cream”, you simply place your favorite coffee mug under the machine’s spout, put your frozen banana in the top and and use the plunger to push the banana through the machine! They will come out with a very similar consistency to ice cream. You can also visit the Yonanas site to see how it works with photos and videos!

I like mine a few ways: with mini chocolate chips, with sliced almonds and a drizzle of good caramel sauce, or with granola!

This recipe makes one mugful of “ice cream”. With the 1/3 cup of Banana Sunbelt Granola: Weight watchers Points Plus 2012: 3 points

I consider this a special weekend treat because you have to have the bananas ready to go, need to wash the machine after you are done (which can take a little extra time than your normal breakfast clean up), and because even though it is only technically 3 points, there are 2 bananas in this which are high in sugar (even though its the best kind of sugar, in its most natural form).

*The machine is dishwasher safe, so you better believe mine is going in there!

Overall this is super healthy and incredibly delicious!! Let me know what you think of it!


An afternoon amongst the books…

This afternoon I wandered over to Ocean City Library for a few hours to enjoy some quiet time amongst the books.

It is so inspiring to be standing in an isle with millions of hours and thoughts of all the authors from all over the world.

The smell of the pages is unlike anything else.

I can’t wait to bring my daughter over to the library to pick out bedtime stories for the week!!


I, of course, treated myself to a little, hummus snack afterwards.


I brought home: “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein; I enjoyed the first few chapters in the library and while eating my snack; so far, so good!

Veggie Straws with Black Bean Hummus!

This snack is so amazing! These Veggie Straws dipped in Bobbi’s Black Bean Hummus are nutritious and so yummy!

I usually count out 12 straws and dip them in 1 TBS of hummus for Weight Watchers Points Plus Value: 2.

Sometimes, I use 2 TBS with 12 veggie straws and enough baby carrots to finish the 2 TBS of hummus for Weight Watchers Points Plus Value: 3!

This hummus is a Philadelphia Area treat but any hummus that you like for 1 point per TBS would be just as good!


Pirate’s Booty

One serving of this awesome snack is 1 ounce. 1 ounce is 4 points (for me, that is too many for a snack on WW so I eat 0.5 ounces, which ends up being a few puffs less than a cup.)

0.5 ounces (a few puffs less than a cup) is worth Weight Watcher Points Plus Value: 2.

I could eat the whole bag but to control myself I put a paper towel on my food scale, weight 0.5 ounces, and only eat what is on the paper towel. A yummy, all natural, 2 point snack!

*Put a few baggies filled with these in your car.

**If you overfill your cup (which I tend to do when I am feeling like a piglet) you are moving towards the 3 point mark so don’t overfill your cups! oink oink!

Philly Soft Pretzel

Great Snack!

Philly Pretzel Factory sells mini pretzels that are 145 calories each!!! They are about as big as half of a normal sized pretzel!

They only sell the mini’s in sets of 5 so you could get all 5 and have 1 (and share the rest with your family) or just get one normal sized pretzel and only eat half. I love them with yellow mustard!!

(Weight Watchers PointsPlus: 4) So delicious and satisfying!! This was a great weight watchers snack idea that I needed to share!

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